Janitorial Services

Routine janitorial services for your multi-family units, retail locations, business park, or HOA is imperative, both inside and out. Cleaning, dusting, polishing, vacuuming, as well as trash and disposal - we do it all. Our janitorial services include a thorough checklist of all major and minor tasks required to keep a location humming. Porters are provided with only the best equipment and supplies to ensure a clean, welcoming environment for your residents and patrons.

We’re always eager to handle one-off tasks too; like delivering notices, giving an extra special clean to an elevator after construction, removal of bees nests, and more.

Not only do our porters have a thorough checklist of tasks but our janitorial supervisor routinely performs quality checks at every property.

jenitorial faq - Robert S. (HOA Board President of a Multi-Family Community)

Janitorial Services FAQ

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Client testimonial

I want to thank you for the quick response to the failed piping sleeve in our roof.  Your crew [Repair Foreman and Technician Team] arrived as you promised, and did a great job for us, complete with photographs.  We are extremely happy to get this fixed before the rains predicted for the rest of the week.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

-Robert S. (HOA Board President of a Multi-Family Community)