What It’s Like Working With HOA Services

Our process is designed with you in mind! We cater to busy commercial property managers, multi-family residential property and portfolio managers, regional portfolio managers, and of course, homeowner’s association board members and community managers. See the difference in care and quality when you partner with a local Portland, Oregon area team focused on providing you with a complete building services solution. We offer a wide array of janitorial, maintenance and repair services.

Becoming a Client

Our welcome process begins with meeting our knowledgeable account executives, who can assist you with setting up an account for one property, or for your entire portfolio of properties. We listen to what you need, make it easy to get in touch with us, and can provide a proposed solution or estimate for almost any issue. We get to know your property, which can involve a site visit, measurements, and a map or photos of the service areas. Account executives can prepare a property-specific seasonal services assessment. This assessment provides you with a recommended timeframe for recurring janitorial and maintenance services which can be scheduled in advance or as needed.

Routine and Seasonal HOA Services

Your property is our priority. For seasonal and routine services, we can reach out to you to confirm services and scheduling.

Routine janitorial services are provided by contract for a set frequency and an agreed-upon task checklist. We work with you to customize your property cleaning task list so we can keep your property safe and sanitary. Once a contract is in place, we show up rain or shine to ensure your property is sparkling.

Seasonal maintenance services are also provided by contract, for a set frequency, or can be scheduled on-demand. For seasonal maintenance services by contract, our maintenance crews are pre-scheduled so your property always receives priority in our busiest seasons. For on-demand maintenance services, your request initiates the process.

How to Submit
Work Requests

Once your account has been set up, the process to submit a work request is simple! You can email, call or submit your request via our website. Our account executives will respond to your inquiry and begin setting up your job ticket right away.

1. Submit Your Request

Provide as much information as possible in your initial request. You can include unit location, contact phone number, pictures of the issue, material types, description of issues, and any additional contact or scheduling information.

2. Receive Your Job Ticket

Your account executive processes the request and assigns a job ticket number in our job management software. The account executive will reach out to confirm the work or request more information if details are needed.

If you request an estimate, this is either scheduled, or if we know your property well, the account executive prepares and sends your estimate.

3. Work is Scheduled

We communicate with you to confirm scope of work, finalize details, and schedule the service with you or your designated property contact.

If the tenant or resident notices need to be distributed to your units in advance of work, we can do that too!

4. Technicians are Dispatched and Complete the Work

Technicians document their work, before, during and after, with photos and provide a detailed description of the work they performed.

Any discrepancies from the scope or additional concerns will be relayed to the account executive and communicated to you.

5. Quality Checks and Finalization

We check our work for quality and consistency to ensure the scope of work is fulfilled.

Upon completion, account executives prepare a detailed report that finalizes the job and sends this to you, or your designated property contact.

Job tickets are invoiced by property within 5-7 business days, and are due upon receipt.

How We Operate

Our team members are assigned to one of four divisions inside the Company: Janitorial, Maintenance, Repair, and Business Office Administration.


Our janitorial division provides routine pre-scheduled services such as janitorial, grounds work, and retail porter service using an approved checklist of each property’s required services. While our janitorial technicians follow each property’s cleaning routines, they report any concerns or issues back to the office via our job management software. Providing you with consistent and proactive monitoring of your property is how we built our reputation for excellence.


Our maintenance division performs the seasonal and on-demand maintenance services for your property, which can include pressure washing, gutter cleaning, monthly light checks, dryer vent cleaning and seasonal roof checks. Our technicians are on site regularly, so this routine maintenance allows us to provide quick response times to on-demand maintenance services as the need arises.

Repair & Installation

Our repairs division is comprised of experienced tradespeople who provide a diverse set of services including handyperson work, carpentry, drywall, painting, concrete work, lighting repairs, exterior building repairs, installations, and investigate water intrusion. Whether you need repairs for a single area or property-wide repairs, our skilled teams can provide the quality you require.

Office Administration

Our office is administered by a dedicated and hardworking team of business professionals. Account executives schedule services, manage customer accounts, and provide team leadership. Human resources, accounting, and executive leadership provide support and coordinate the smooth functioning of the business.

We Have Your Back

Due to the routine nature of our service visits, we get to know your property inside and out. Our technicians are trained to keep their “eyes up,” so they are always on the lookout for any concerns. Part of our work process is to document with photos any areas of concern that technicians come across and relay these to your account executive. We reach out to your account contact proactively with a solution whenever we discover an issue.

We’re there when you need us! If your property has an urgent issue, we can help mitigate damage or secure your building. Our on-call after-hours emergency services are available 24/7 to our partners by calling 503-620-8386.

Partner with HOA

HOA services is the best kept secret in Portland, Oregon area property services. Our boutique approach to providing the highest level of customer service, the consistent care we provide to your property, and the excellence of our craftsmanship have helped us build our loyal partnerships over the years. We hope you will partner with us today!

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Drop us a line today
for a proposal!

Customer Reviews

Anson Whiting

They are all really cool people who are nice and easy going. If I didn’t like small things along my rebuild process, they fixed any issue I had. They put my cabinets and kitchen back together very, very well. I would use again for small things I have around the house.

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