Maintenance Services

Seasonal maintenance is priority here in the Pacific Northwest, with roof & gutter cleaning and pressure washing at the top of the list of our needed maintenance services. In addition, gutter repair, dryer vent cleaning, floor scrubbing, light mapping and checks, and winterization are also very important to the overall care and preservation of your properties. We can create a customized annual schedule for all of your maintenance needs, allowing for ongoing upkeep of your buildings and living areas.

The HOA Services team self-performs qualified, efficient service, utilizing our own equipment and systems that allow us to perform maintenance services of the highest quality. Partnering with HOA Services for your ongoing maintenance allows us to have a solid understanding of the specific needs of your property and we’re able to forecast for larger projects to prevent major damage, like water intrusion. With proper maintenance, your properties will continue to last for years to come.

Our ultimate goal with our maintenance services is to have a pre-scheduled preventative maintenance calendar customized to the lifecycle of your building. This way the HOA Board or property manager doesn’t have to remember to get a bid before the busy season, we just notify you of your scheduled date, complete the job, and you’ll already have costs outlined and budgeted. Keeping maintenance costs under control and within budget is our goal.

Combine our routine janitorial and maintenance services and your property will receive ongoing care, routine checks, and maintenance year round.

maintenance faq - Gayl Larson (Board Secretary)

Maintenance Services FAQ

Building Siding Cleaning

Crawlspace Remediation

Deck and Stair Washing

Floor Power Scrubbing

Garage Cleaning

Garbage, Recycling, and Debris Removal

Graffiti Cleaning

Gutter Repairs

Inclement Weather Services

Light Check and Replace

Moss Control

Moving Coordination

Routine Visual Inspections

Window Washing


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Client testimonial

I’m sending an email today to extend my appreciation for the quality construction repair work that your Foreman, Mike … and his crew did on the Sellwood Commons Deck Repair Project this summer. Many hours were spent working on this project in the intense summer heat, appreciate their determination to continue despite the conditions.  Mike’s professionalism, work ethic, years of construction knowledge and attention to detail impressed me and benefitted the Sellwood Commons Deck Repair Project.

-Gayl Larson (Board Secretary)