Repair Services

Partnering with HOA Services for your repair services is a perfect option for those who live in the Portland Metropolitan area. We self-perform almost all projects which reduces the need for subcontractors and allows for full accountability.

Our account managers are responsive to your requests and help to place a sense of urgency on your project to get it complete quickly and within budget. Over the years dealing with repair projects in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve developed a unique job ticketing process to further ensure that all requests are handled in a timely manner and are resolved.

Having us be your repair project partner means that we’re right there with you through the whole process from start to finish and even providing aftercare. Use one vendor for the entire project and we’ll be reaching out to you with status updates on your project along the way so you’re always informed on the project status and aren’t left wondering what is happening at your property.

Our Repairs Process

  1. We receive your work order request and create a new Job Ticket.
  2. Your Account Executive collects detailed information, request missing information, and in some cases dispatches a Technician to assess.
  3. Your Account Executive coordinates access to the project area and schedules the project.
  4. We dispatch a Technician who assesses the repair project, procures materials if necessary, performs the repair, and cleans the area removing all debris.
  5. Our Technician submits photos of the work and any notable details.
  6. Your Account Executive electronically sends you an update with the project’s details/status and photo documentation.

Your Account Executive is your direct line of communication and will keep you updated on any issues or unexpected events.

electricalbox square - Robert S. (HOA Board President of a Multi-Family Community)

Repair Services FAQ

Attic Remediation

Concrete Repairs and Installation

Crawl Space Remediation

Deck and Stairs Repairs or Rehabilitation

Exterior Building Painting

Exterior Building Repairs (siding, window install, and more)

Interior Building Repairs (drywall, trim, doors, and more)

Interior Texture and Painting

Lighting Repairs

On-Demand Repairs “Handyman Service”

Parking Lot Stenciling and Striping

Property Assessments

Roofing Repairs

Rot Repair

Small Asphalt Patching

Tiling and Masonry Repairs

Water Intrusion Investigation and Repairs


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Client testimonial

I want to thank you for the quick response to the failed piping sleeve in our roof.  Your crew [Repair Foreman and Technician Team] arrived as you promised, and did a great job for us, complete with photographs.  We are extremely happy to get this fixed before the rains predicted for the rest of the week.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

-Robert S. (HOA Board President of a Multi-Family Community)