Handyman Repair
& Installation Services

Fix it right the first time with our reliable building repair services
HOA Services is your Portland, Oregon handyman repair solution. Whether the repair is on-demand to fix a single issue, or if you need property-wide repairs, we fix it right the first time. Our repair technicians are skilled tradespeople, specialized in their craft and able to assess and resolve many different types of issues at once, providing you with a managed building repair service for every project.

Our Repairs Process

We receive your work order request and create a new job ticket.
Your account executive collects detailed information, requests any missing information, and in some cases dispatches a technician to assess.
Your account executive coordinates access to the project area and schedules the project.
We dispatch a technician who assesses the repair project, procures materials if necessary, performs the repair, and cleans the area, removing all debris.
The technician submits photos of the work and any notable details.
Your account executive electronically sends you an update with the project’s details/status and photo documentation.
Throughout the entire repair process, your account executive is your direct line of communication and will keep you updated on any issues or unexpected events. 

Common Building
Repairs & Installations

We provide installation and repair services on demand for multi-family residential condominiums, commercial retail centers, apartment complexes, high-rise office and residential buildings, and other types of properties requiring common area or per unit installation and repair.

Your property is unique, so when a more extensive unit repair, or property-wide installation and repairs are needed, you can trust our general contractor services to meet your needs.


Our experienced estimators will come to your property to take measurements, take photos, ascertain the required materials and supplies, and address each concern.

Deck, Stairs, Railing Installation, Repairs or Rehabilitation

Whether per-unit, or property-wide, HOA Services is your partner for exterior repairs, deck repair, deck installation, handrail repair, railing installation and stair repair.

Exterior Building Repairs

Our expert teams will ensure your exterior building repairs are carefully done and match as close as possible to the original material.


Part of our expertise is knowing when a weld will safely deliver the results you need. Rely on our skillful repair experts to get the job done right.


Our carpenter’s skilled craftsmanship will exceed your expectations. Per unit and common area carpentry services for exterior and interior projects of all kinds are available.

Window / Door Installation and Repair

We install and repair unit and common area windows, screens and doors. Installation and repair services can include trim, balancing and adjusting, and hardware.

Masonry Repairs

When your property’s unique tile and masonry features need repair, we match tiles and brick repairs when possible, fixing it like the damage never happened.

Rot Repair

Exposure to the elements over time can result in wood rot. We repair structural and non-structural wood siding, decks, and trim when it’s time for rot repair.

Fence and Gate Installation & Repair

Fence installation and repair includes wood, chain link, and vinyl fences. Installation and repair for gates of all types, even electric and automatic gates.

Handyman Service

Our handyman service provides you with an expert technician who can provide solutions for several smaller tasks at once. Send us your list and we’ll make quick work of your handyman tasks.

Roofing / Gutter Repairs

Whether single-area or property-wide roof or gutter repair is needed, our teams are experienced and work with most roof types and materials.

Lighting Repairs

We repair and install all types of lights and fixtures. Our industrial bucket lift truck makes quick work of streetlamp and other above-ground lighting fixture repairs.

Concrete Repairs, Installation, Painting, Stenciling

Over time, concrete can crack, shift, and become damaged and faded. Our concrete repair service addresses cracks, eliminates trip hazards, and freshens up your paint.

Attic Remediation

Attic remediation is needed if there is moisture intrusion, pests, or other issues that need to be safely addressed.

Crawl Space Remediation

Make sure moisture, pest, and structural issues are resolved with our crawl space remediation and vapor barrier replacement services.

Water Intrusion Repairs and Leak Investigations

Water intrusion can cause serious damage to your property. A leak investigation not only detects moisture levels, but it also gets to the root of the problem.

Interior Building Repairs

Transform damaged areas with our professional interior repair services. We provide common area,unit wall, and drywall repair, floor repair, ceiling repair and drywall installation.

Electrical Repairs

We repair and install lighting fixtures, outdoor lamps, ceiling fans, doorbells, keypads, garbage disposals, automatic door openers, and more.

Parking Lot Repair

Our parking lot repair service fixes potholes, cracks, broken curbs, and trip hazards. We also do concrete painting and stenciling.

Painting, Caulking, Sealing

Whether you need a painting, caulking, or sealing touch-up, or a full-scale commercial property refresh, our highly skilled team can do it efficiently and will enhance your property’s curb appeal.

Waterproof Deck Coating

Waterproof deck coatings are a protective method that will elongate the lifespan of your investment and appeal of your property.

If you don’t see the repair service you are looking for listed, please reach out to our friendly account executives for a custom estimate.


When you partner with HOA Services, you gain access to a property services team that will help you maintain every aspect of your property. Our experienced team uses a proven process to ensure that you receive the highest quality service from beginning to end. Our service extras make it all a little bit sweeter:
● Estimates
● Project Management
● Vendor and Subcontractor Coordination
● Professional Reports
● Photo Documentation
● History of Work in Database
● Proactive and Continuous Service
● Emergency After Hours Service
● Trained and Experienced Technicians
● Professional Equipment
● Debris Disposal, Dump Fees, Recycling
● Procuring Supplies and Materials
● Our Commitment to Health & Safety

Emergency Repair Services

Our partners know we have their back when disaster strikes. Storms, fires, floods, accidents, break-ins, and other unforeseen issues can cause damage to your property and must be addressed right away.

During business hours, our technicians are available on-demand for emergency repair services.

When the unexpected occurs outside of regular business hours, an on-call technician can mitigate, assess, and secure any areas of concern.

Ongoing Maintenance & Cleaning Services

What could be better than quality installation and repair services at your fingertips? What if you could prevent damage before it became a bigger concern?

Extend the life of your building by partnering with HOA Services for building maintenance and routine cleaning services. Our routine janitorial and preventative maintenance keep your building and grounds clean and sanitary. Not only will our routine services maintain your property’s cleanliness and sanitation, but our technicians will monitor the condition of your property on each visit, relaying a report if they observe an issue or concern. Catching potential issues by recommending preventative measures can save you from the expense of extensive building damage.

Why Choose HOA Repair & Installation Services

Choosing HOA Services for repair and installation ensures you have a single project partner who manages your repair process from start to finish. We coordinate all aspects of your project ensuring you are informed of the progress on your property repair or installation.

You can trust HOA Services to do the job the professional way, with the right tools by our skilled, experienced, and insured technicians. As with all our work, we’re proud of what we do, so we photo document your job so that you can trust it’s done right.

We provide repair services to HOA communities, multi-family residential high rises and complexes, apartments, commercial parks, retail centers, and any other types of properties that require building repairs.

Repair Services FAQ

I need ________ repaired: can you do that?
Usually, yes! It’s easier to say the things we don’t do like extensive plumbing or electrical repairs (we do smaller scale repairs for both of these types.)
How long will it take?
The more information provided in the request, the better! Our account executives strive to make each job as efficient as possible. They will ask you for any information that might improve the job’s efficiency (Do you have photos you can provide? Do you have a map with the photocell locations? Do you have the paint color code?) and they will tell you a little bit more about what you can expect for your type of repair, and the steps that have to be taken to deliver the quality you need.
How much will it cost?
It can be tough to give a firm cost for a job we haven’t seen yet. The more detail in the request, especially if photos can be provided, the better we are able to give you an accurate range of costs. Once our Technician gets eyes on it, we are able to narrow that range based on their expertise.

We will give you a price list that includes our hourly rates. Our charges include some of the technician’s drive-time, as well as a general conditions fee, which includes costs like project overhead, vehicle insurance, and more.

Does the resident need to be home?
Not necessarily. You can leave a key for us or give us access to the space before leaving for the day. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and work in people’s homes and workspaces all the time.

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Drop us a line today
for a proposal!

Customer Reviews

Anson Whiting

They are all really cool people who are nice and easy going. If I didn’t like small things along my rebuild process, they fixed any issue I had. They put my cabinets and kitchen back together very, very well. I would use again for small things I have around the house.

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Washington    CCB COMMUMS842JQ

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