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“Eyes up.”

That’s a saying here at HOA Services, a guiding principle really. It means to keep your eyes open for other concerns along the way. If something’s out of place or missing. We’re here to help - whether we’re performing the tasks at hand or discovering a problem that’s gone unnoticed. Every member of our team is trained to spot the issue before it becomes a larger concern.

It also means that we’re keeping an eye on the time, on the task, and on the promise we’ve delivered to you. We are your partner in caring for your property, doing our best to extend the life of your building along the way. Whether it’s a janitorial service, regular maintenance, or repair, we’ve worked to develop a robust system of checks and balances to ensure the work is done properly, according to guidelines set by the manufacturer, the city, or the state. Our account managers work to provide clear communication to our on-site employees from start to finish setting and meeting clear expectations. This way our on-site employees can report back progress reports and any problems so that we can keep everyone in-the-loop on what we’re doing at each property.

We want to be your one-stop resource for janitorial, maintenance, and repair needs so we made sure that our staff members are at the core of our success, delivering quality and care that sets us apart: always striving to provide the highest quality workmanship of any service company in the Portland metropolitan area, our team members are trained to anticipate potential issues, solve a problem, and complete the task at hand.

All of our staff are proud to be a part of the team and it shows in the quality of work and professionalism they bring to each property. They go above and beyond and prioritize taking care of every person they come in contact with. Not only do our team members have an extensive training and years of experience they are respectful, friendly, informative, and professional. While we are a service provider for properties, we’re in the business of making our focus taking care of every person we come in contact with. Our team goes above and beyond and realize that we’re entering people’s homes and treat every job as if it was the most important job.

Our teams work to extend the life of your building by self-performing small daily cleaning tasks, tackling a custom schedule of routine preventative maintenance projects, and even complete immediate repairs to minimize the negative impact damage has on the lifespan of your building. Combine our team’s capabilities and our love of the local Portland community, we’re extremely capable of handling the large variety of maintenance and repair needs a complex building or community has, centralize the care and management of the building needs, and minimized the number of vendors and subcontractors.

Being a company with deep roots in the Pacific Northwest community we have been providing a quality of self-performed service built upon trust and reliability with our clients and peers.

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Client testimonial

HOA Services makes my life as a community manager so much easier. They are a one-stop shop for all maintenance needs. The response time is impeccable, and in most cases is immediate. If a request is out of their wheelhouse, they will let me know very quickly and also provide advice on the correct type of vendor to contact. Eric Doyle has been especially helpful in creating healthy relationships with many of my communities, and providing practical feedback for long-term planning.

HOA Services performs regular janitorial service at one of my large condominiums, and provides immediate feedback when issues are found. The keen eye for detail all technicians have is very helpful. HOA Services has worked on my entire portfolio, form roof cleaning, dump runs, gutter cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning, without any complaints. My homeowners always say the crew is very respectful and courteous.

-Kayleigh Prentice, CMCA (Community Association Manager )