Wood Rot Repair

Prevent leaks and structural damage with our targeted rot repairs

Our experts inspect and identify problem areas, remediate the source of the moisture, and provide you with a roadmap to full building rot repair. From identifying the problem on a single unit to property-wide repairs, our skilled carpentry professionals efficiently and expertly assess and remediate building envelope and structural wood rot. Our experts have experience working with all types of building materials, and we provide a fully customized estimate using the recommend materials and methods for your building.

Whatever your property’s unique needs are, HOA Services is your trusted partner for wood rot repairs that will extend the life of your building.

Wood Rot

What Is Wood Rot

Over time, and with exposure to the elements, moisture can create the perfect conditions for wood rot to flourish. Wood rot is caused by a fungus that will persistently grow whenever damp conditions are present. Here in the Portland, Oregon area, our region experiences more rain than average, which means that it’s crucial to identify surface wood rot early before it penetrates the building envelope and reaches your building structure. This is a critical part of preventing leaks and costly water damage.


Wood rot found on your building exterior should be addressed as soon as it is identified to prevent further damage. The best way to prevent wood rot from spreading is to use HOA Services’ guaranteed wood rot repair services. We repair the building envelope by cutting away the affected materials, treating the exposed area if necessary, all while following a guaranteed repair method that ensures your building envelope is properly repaired.


When wood rot is found on the structure or structural components of your building, or if the wood rot has caused wood fracturing or crumbling, a more aggressive repair strategy must be used to maintain the integrity of your building. In these cases, our highly specialized carpentry professionals will manage your project for both property-wide repairs and per-unit rehabilitation.

Types of Wood Rot We Repair

Wood rot can persist in many different building components as long as moisture goes unchecked.

We work with all types of buildings and materials for per-unit and property-wide rot repairs including:

Building Siding & Exteriors

Our most commonly requested rot repair service is for building exterior and siding. We remove the wood rot and use a guaranteed repair method to ensure your repair lasts for years.

Chimneys & Vents

When chimneys & vents are not properly sealed or capped, water can infiltrate into the building envelope. That’s why we repair both interior and exterior wood rot.

Stairs & Railings

Stairs & railings have many areas where wood rot can grow. We keep your stairs & railings safe and structurally sound by remediating any wood rot found in your stringers, footers, and handrails.

Fences & Gates

Wooden fence boards, posts, and gates are especially susceptible to ground moisture. We replace rotted areas and restore your fence’s integrity and curb appeal.


Decks are exposed to the elements and moisture can penetrate even treated wood to create rot concerns in deck boards, rails, footers, and other structural components of your decks.

Windowsills & Trim

One of the most commonly repaired areas is windowsills & trim. Without routine rot remediation, the wood trim around windows can be exposed to increased moisture.

Door Frames

Door frames can provide the perfect conditions for wood rot to spread. Our pros make sure your structure is sound and all rotted areas are removed and replaced.

Gazebos, Pergolas, Trellis

Freestanding wooden structures like gazebos, pergolas and trellis posts are often exposed to wet conditions. Even when sealed or painted, these structures are susceptible to wood rot.

How We Repair Wood Rot

Over time and with exposure to the elements, your building’s defenses wear down and can lose integrity. Here in the rainy Pacific Northwest, routine building maintenance to inspect sealants, caulks, and wood preservatives can help prevent wood rot from damaging your building.

The first step of any rot repair project is to identify the source of the moisture and investigate why moisture got past your building’s defenses. Once the cause has been determined, we will recommend a plan that will remediate the cause of the wood rot and repair your building using the recommended method and materials.

Exterior & Building Envelope Wood Rot Repairs

This method of repair involves removing or cutting away all building materials that show wood rot or are retaining moisture. HOA Services use a guaranteed building envelope repair solution that repairs your weather resistive barrier (WRB), installs new flashing, and seals the repair. We replace all affected areas with new material, and we can paint or stain repairs to match your building exterior.  

Structural Wood Rot Repair
Structural Rot repair

Structural Wood Rot Repair

Structural repairs to your building should considered if wood rot has reached any structural area that supports your building. When wood rot is found on any structural component of your building, the safest course is to remove all rotted areas and replace with new timber.

HOA Services will match your building materials and manage your repair project from beginning to end.  

Our Repairs Process

Repair Technicians identify the source of moisture, assess the extent of the wood rot, take moisture readings in affected areas, and may take samples to a laboratory if needed. If the leak/source of moisture is active, remediation can be requested.

Next, our experts will determine the method and materials that will ensure your rot repair lasts for years and provide you with an estimate that both addresses the source of the moisture, and fully repairs your property.

Our repair technicians follow a wood rot repair protocol that guarantees your repair will last for years:

Remove and cut away the wood rot and all damp building materials

Dry out and/or test area for moisture, apply sealant if necessary

Replace the affected wood with new timber

If the wood rot has damaged the building envelope, we install new WRB, flashing, and sealant following the recommended method for each building we work on

We can treat or paint the repaired area to match

We clean up the repair area, removing all debris, your repair is quality checked, and we provide photos of all our work

Throughout the entire repair process, your account executive is your direct line of communication and will keep you updated on any issues or unexpected events. 

Repairing siding

Repair Services FAQ

I need ________ repaired: can you do that?

Usually, yes! It’s easier to say the things we don’t do like extensive plumbing or electrical repairs (we do smaller scale repairs for both of these types.)

How long will it take?

The more information provided in the request, the better! Our account executives strive to make each job as efficient as possible. They will ask you for any information that might improve the job’s efficiency (Do you have photos you can provide? Do you have a map with the photocell locations? Do you have the paint color code?) and they will tell you a little bit more about what you can expect for your type of repair, and the steps that have to be taken to deliver the quality you need.

How much will it cost?

It can be tough to give a firm cost for a job we haven’t seen yet. The more detail in the request, especially if photos can be provided, the better we are able to give you an accurate range of costs. Once our Technician gets eyes on it, we are able to narrow that range based on their expertise.

We will give you a price list that includes our hourly rates. Our charges include some of the technician’s drive-time, as well as a general conditions fee, which includes costs like project overhead, vehicle insurance, and more.

Does the resident need to be home?

Not necessarily. You can leave a key for us or give us access to the space before leaving for the day. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and work in people’s homes and workspaces all the time.

Repair Services

Comprehensive Repair Services

Our partners choose HOA Services for repairs because we provide comprehensive repair services for all areas of your property. In addition to wood rot repair, we repair concrete, we repair and install doors & windows, tiling & masonry, make electrical repairs, and a whole lot more.

Whether for single units or for property-wide repairs, no matter the size of your project, our pros provide you with exceptional service and expertise managing all aspects of your repair.


We provide comprehensive janitorial, maintenance and repair solutions for our partners in the Portland, Oregon area.

Our extras include:

● Estimates
● Project Management
● Vendor and Subcontractor Coordination
● Professional Reports
● Photo Documentation
● History of Work in Database
● Proactive and Continuous Service
● Emergency After Hours Service
● Trained and Experienced Technicians
● Professional Equipment
● Debris Disposal, Dump Fees, Recycling
● Procuring Supplies and Materials
● Our Commitment to Health & Safety

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