Painting, Caulking, and Sealing Services

For Commercial, Multi-Family, and Retail Buildings in Portland and Vancouver

When it comes to painting your building, caulking your building, and sealing your building, it’s all in the details. When properly caulked and sealed, your building is protected from air leaks, water damage, and the PNW’s weather.

Besides sealing out air and water, caulking also can fix cracks and gaps before they become larger problems. Our expert technicians offer exceptional brick caulking, exterior caulking, and window caulking. When it comes to a painting job, properly done caulking elevates the quality of the finished project.

Whether you need a painting, caulking, sealing touch-up, or a full-scale commercial property refresh, our highly skilled team can do it efficiently and will enhance your property’s curb appeal.

repairing a roof of a commercial building

Painting, Caulking, and Sealing Done Right

painting the floor of an apartment deck


When it comes to painting your building, a job done right means increased curb appeal. At HOA Fix-It, our painters mostly perform patch repairs and are specialists in matching paint colors. From painting interior trim to painting over caulking, our expert technicians are extremely skilled in matching the area every time. Our painting services also include staining for areas such as fencing.


Caulking a building plays a key role in keeping it both air and water tight. The main caulking joints are around windows, doors, and corners. These caulking joints typically begin failing at around five years. Part of building maintenance is inspecting these joints regularly and fixing them at the first signs of deterioration. HOA is proud to offer exceptional brick caulking, exterior caulking, window caulking, and more.

caulking a building
sealing a wooden deck


A sealing process is used to protect and lengthen the lifespan of features such as decks and masonry. Sealing your building will prevent larger issues down the line. When it comes to deck coatings, you have the option between clear sealers, stain sealers, and waterproof sealers. Our team has experience working with many sealants, especially Tremco Vulkem 350/351. With masonry, clear coat applications are often used for waterproofing. Waterproof sealant can also be applied to fences to increase their durability and lifespan. We recommend power washing and resealing fences and walls every four to five years to prevent dirt and moss buildup.

Why Choose HOA?

Our team proudly goes above and beyond to prioritize each property that we work with. Our particular process of creating unique maintenance schedules for your property put us ahead of the competition. With our recurring job tickets, you don’t need to remember to reseal your decking every four to five years– our management system will remember and remind you when your property is due for maintenance per manufacturer recommendations. Save time and money with regularly scheduled maintenance from HOA.


Painting, Caulking, and Sealing With HOA Is Easy!

Whether your property is on its own unique maintenance schedule or is in need of on-demand repairs, our expert team makes sure the job is done right the first time. When you partner with us, the project process will be like this:

  1. Submit Your Request
  2. Receive Your Job Ticket
  3. Work is Scheduled
  4. Technicians are Dispatched and Complete the Work
  5. Quality Checks and Finalization


Before & After

Take a look at a few roof and gutter projects recently completed by our skilled team.

a multi-family building before painting
multi-family building after getting a fresh coat of paint
apartment door with peeled off paint
apartment door after getting a fresh coat of paint from HOA in portland oregon
a deck that was old and peeling
HOA maintenance painted a deck blue

Proudly Serving the Portland Metro Area

With our headquarters in Tigard, Oregon, we are honored to serve the greater Portland Metro and Vancouver areas. Our expert technicians provide painting, caulking, and sealing services from Cornelius to Troutdale, Wilsonville to Vancouver, and everywhere in between!

Serving cities including: Clackamas, Gresham, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Milwaukie, Mt. Angel, Oregon City, Salem, Tigard, Troutdale, Tualatin, Vancouver, West Linn, and more!


What is building caulking?

Building caulk is an extremely flexible sealant in that it binds to almost any surface. It’s used to close any gap in glass, concrete, wood, ceramic, plastic, masonry or metals where air or water can get through.

How do you prepare the commercial building for painting?

We specialize in working in occupied buildings, so our team is skilled in maintaining safety and precautions. We stage our job sites with the safety of others in mind. We utilize a few different containment methods like air scrubbers and water based paints to minimize fume emission.


How does sealant differ from caulk?

Both caulk and sealant serve to seal joints and fill gaps in between building materials. They each have their pros and cons and are best for different areas of the home. Mainly, caulk is used to seal construction cracks, while sealant is used to bind surfaces and certain materials together.

Looking for Other Repair Services?

In addition to our Painting, Caulking, and Sealing services, we are proud to offer Welding Services; Concrete Repairs; Deck, Stair, and Railing Repairs; Exterior Building Repairs; Interior Building Repairs; Electrical and Lighting Repairs; as well as many other services.

From our expert technicians to our exceptional management software, our resources and dedication make HOA Fix-It the best choice for all maintenance and repair services in the PNW!

HOA Is Here To Help You Today!

As the dependable choice for all your painting, caulking, and sealing needs, we understand the uniqueness of each project and property. From perfect paint matching to waterproofing, HOA Fix-It keeps your property safe and in shape.


repair man in a red suit carrying a toolbox

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Customer Reviews

Sam P. (HOA Board Member from a Multi-Family Building)

Wanted to send along a note on how happy we have been with Nonie [Janitorial Division].  She was trained for our building by Lisa and that set a very high bar but she has been wonderful to have around and is very thorough.  Thanks for sending her our way!

Kayleigh Prentice, CMCA (Community Association Manager )

HOA Services makes my life as a community manager so much easier. They are a one-stop shop for all maintenance needs. The response time is impeccable, and in most cases is immediate. If a request is out of their wheelhouse, they will let me know very quickly and also provide advice on the correct type of vendor to contact. Eric Doyle has been especially helpful in creating healthy relationships with many of my communities, and providing practical feedback for long-term planning.

HOA Services performs regular janitorial service at one of my large condominiums, and provides immediate feedback when issues are found. The keen eye for detail all technicians have is very helpful. HOA Services has worked on my entire portfolio, form roof cleaning, dump runs, gutter cleaning, and dryer vent cleaning, without any complaints. My homeowners always say the crew is very respectful and courteous.

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