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Decks, stairs, and railings are all critical aspects of your property and its usability. From traveling between floors to going outside, these structures add value to your property and boost its curb appeal.

However, these structures are only as good as the condition they are in. Cracked deck boards, damaged stairs, and loose railings present safety hazards and can cause more serious issues if not taken care of promptly.

Maintain the quality of your property with regular inspection of your decks, stairs, and railings and by addressing any concerns as soon as they arise.

concrete stairs at a commercial building

Our Deck and Stair Services

Deck Repairs

Decks add a lot to your building, from patron enjoyment to property value. When they begin to deteriorate though, they should be repaired as soon as possible. There are a few signs that your deck needs repairs. In the PNW particularly, wood rot can cause serious problems. When your deck’s wood support posts and beams begin to rot, it’s time for repairs. Time and weather can also cause your footings to crack or sink.

Cracked or sinking footings are another sign that your deck needs to be repaired. Both wooden and concrete deck footings are vulnerable to erosion. If the lower levels of your deck’s footings become exposed, that is another sign your deck needs repairing. Cracked or splintered deck boards also point to a potential need for deck repair services.

Lastly, if your deck simply hasn’t received the maintenance it needs, deck repairs could be necessary. Whether a wooden or a composite deck, regular maintenance will elongate the lifespan of your deck and reduce deck repair costs over time.

rotten piece of wood on a deck
powerwashing a deck after restoration

Deck Restoration

Your deck may not necessarily need repairs, but restoration can give your deck a whole new life. Whether time has taken a little bit of a toll on your deck or you have just invested in a new one, fill in all cracks, knotholes, and splinters while adding years to your deck’s lifespan with our deck restoration services.

We even do old deck restorations. Deck painting and refinishing can protect your deck from the effects of sunlight and moisture, as well as delay deterioration and prevent expensive repairs down the line. This means that restoration today can safeguard the many days in the future of enjoying an appealing, sturdy deck.

Reach out to our team of talented technicians to learn more about caring for your deck with our deck restoration services.

Stair Installation

Stair installations do not always receive the attention they require. As a frequently used part of your property for your tenants, customers, or employees, especially multi-story buildings, how your stairs are installed has a significant effect on the experience of those using your building.

Regarded as one of the tougher construction tasks to complete correctly the first time, stair installation is best left to the professionals– especially in multi-unit, commercial and retail buildings.

The most common mistakes made while installing stairs are careless errors like improper fastening, improper footings, and overcutting materials. These errors, while simple, can cause serious damage down the line and present safety hazards to those utilizing your stairs. Get the job done right the first time with our stair installation services.

technician installing stairs in a building
stair repair

Stair Repairs

Stairs are sometimes the most underappreciated feature of a property. Comparing all the benefits they provide to the rough treatment they receive, it comes as no surprise that stairs often need repairs.

From the steady stampede of feet to the lugging of heavy items, your stairs endure a lot and deserve some TLC. Whether you need squeaky stair repair or rotted stair repair, our talented team is ready to provide the care. Besides regular maintenance, completing stair repairs as soon as the need is identified will increase the lifespan of your stairs and provide them with the support they need to continue supporting all those who use them.

Whether your stairs are creaking and groaning or coming apart at the seams, drop us a line today to learn more about the care we can give your stairs.

Railing Installation

Alongside the importance of stairs to your building is the importance of railings– they serve a variety of purposes to your property and all those who use it. First off, they provide stability. For children, the elderly, and people with disabilities especially, railings provide extra support to maintain their balance.

Handrail installation will help those with reduced mobility use your property with ease. Secondly, railings add safety measures to your property.

Besides preventing potential incidents regarding age and health issues, deck and stair railing installation prevents people from falling down or off dangerous surfaces in general. Protect all those who use your property from harm with railings. Connect with us to learn more about our reliable railing installation services and skilled team of railing installers.

railing installation outside of a commercial building
tech doing a railing repair

Railing Repairs

Damaged or wobbly railings pose a serious threat to the health and safety of all those using your property. Providing things like stability and balance, safe and sturdy railings are a critical aspect of maintaining your property.

While a safety hazard, a loose railing will not make your deck or stairs collapse. However, it is a clear sign your railings need repair, and the earlier you address it, the better. Keep an eye on all the railings around your property, especially in high foot traffic areas.

Catch these issues early on and prevent the need for a costly, complete replacement down the line. For more information, connect with our team today and save yourself time and money in the future.

Our Process

Step 1: Submit Your Request

Provide as much information as possible in your initial request. Your account executive will process the request, assign you a job ticket number in our management software, confirm the work request, and collect more information if necessary.


Step 2: Work is Scheduled

As your main line of communication throughout the repair process, your account executive will confirm the scope of work, organize an inspection of the project area, finalize details, and schedule the service with you or your designated property contact.


Step 3: Work is Completed

We then dispatch technicians, who document their work before, during, and after, to perform the necessary repairs. 


Step 4: Quality Checks and Finalization

Lastly, we check our work for quality and consistency, ensuring the project is satisfactorily completed. Upon completion, your account executive will prepare and send a detailed report, finalizing the job.

Before & After

Cracked, chipped, and otherwise damaged stairs pose a safety hazard to all those who use them. Our skilled team of professionals repairs stairs with dedication and skill. Here are a few examples of our work.

damaged step on a staircase at an apartment
fixed step on a staircase at an apartment
damaged step
after step on a staircase

Our skilled team also has experience with deck rehabilitation, composite deck repair, deck installation, patio deck repair, wood deck repair, stair railing repair, wood stair repair, and much more. Take a look at the photos below to see a recent deck and stair project of ours.

damaged deck in need of repair that has rotted
previously broken deck that has been repaired

Why Choose HOA Maintenance?

estimator looking at a multi-complex apartment building standing next to his truck

“Eyes Up.” It’s our guiding principle here at HOA Fix-It, and it helps our team navigate providing you with the best deck, stair, and railing repair services in the Portland Metro area. This philosophy means a few different things to us.

We are proactive in our services, keeping our eyes open for any other potential concerns or hazards every step of the way. This way we help prevent costly problems for you down the line.

We also take the big picture into consideration throughout our entire process.

Details like matching new materials to existing ones when performing repairs and working with you to create a custom maintenance schedule to fit the unique needs of your property, among others, are reasons why we are the best choice for deck, stair, and railing repairs in the PNW.

Proudly Serving Portland and Surrounding Areas

Located in Tigard, Oregon, HOA Services is proud to provide the Portland Metro area with leading exterior building repairs. We serve the following cities:


  • Clackamas
  • Gresham
  • Hillsboro
  • Lake Oswego
  • Milwaukie
  • Mt. Angel
  • Oregon City
  • Salem
  • Tigard
  • Troutdale
  • Tualatin
  • Vancouver
  • West Linn
  • & More!


    Can rotted decks and stairs be repaired?

    Yes, rotted decks and stairs can be repaired! However, the degree of rot determines the intensity of the repair needed. If your property has rotting decks or stairs, reach out to our team today for more specific information on how we can help.

    What is the difference between deck restoration and deck repair?

    Restoration and repair both seek to elongate the lifespan, improve the appearance, and increase the functioning of your deck. However, the main difference between the two is the process: deck restoration generally follows a strip and stain model while deck repairs focus on structural components like replacing rotten boards. We understand multi-family and commercial decks along with landings, and our skilled team has experience waterproofing many different substrates.

    What type of stairs do you repair?

    While there are no steps we can’t take care of, the majority of repairs we perform are on concrete steps on community centered properties. Our skilled tradespeople are extremely versatile, and they can repair bolt-on steps, welded steps, wood steps, and much more. From indoor stair repair to exterior stair repair– even carpet stair repair– we have you covered.

    Looking for Other Repair Services?

    Beyond our Deck, Stair, and Railing Repair and Restoration services, we also provide Concrete Repairs, Installation, Painting, and Stenciling, Exterior Building Repairs, Interior Building Repairs, Electrical and Lighting Repairs, Water Intrusion Repairs and Leak Investigations, as well as many other repair services.


    Our team’s culture and guiding philosophy put us ahead of the competition. Utilizing exceptional management systems, high skilled employees, and outstanding organizational practices, HOA Fix-It is the premier option for janitorial, repair, and maintenance services in the greater Portland Metro area. 


    We are the people you trust in caring for your property. Connect with us today and learn more!


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