Concrete Repair, Installation, Painting, and Stenciling

In Portland, Oregon

 We understand the crucial role concrete plays in elevating your property. Our skilled tradespeople have the experience and know-how to expertly service your property’s concrete and maximize its longevity for decades to come!


We specialize in small concrete pours and small area concrete projects. Most often, our skilled tradespeople rectify lifted sidewalks due to tree roots as well as damaged, run over curbs, building them to match the existing curbs. 


From concrete repair and installation to concrete painting and stenciling, we are a one-stop shop for your concrete needs!

technician scooping some wet concrete from a bucket and putting it on a crack

Our Concrete Services

Concrete Repair

Concrete provides durability and strength, making it a reliable, long-lasting option for construction. While concrete may last decades on end, maximizing longevity depends on the attention, care, and usage. As time passes, concrete breaks down, cracks, shifts, and fades without the proper maintenance and care. From concrete surface repairs to concrete foundation repairs to concrete sidewalk repairs and more, ​​our technicians are skilled, experienced, and prepared to do the job right the first time.


One easy way to maximize the lifespan of your concrete is to perform repairs as soon as you  notice wear and tear. Some common issues with concrete that we see are lifted sidewalks due to invading tree roots, dilapidated curbs due to people running over them, and other trip hazards due to damaged concrete. Once you notice these issues, repairs should be scheduled promptly. As your premier Portland Metro repair service provider, HOA Services proudly offers concrete services like joint filling, void filling, crack repair, sidewalk lifting repair, rebuilding, resurfacing, and more!

crack in the concrete
african american tradesperson adding concrete in for a brick wall

Concrete Installation

While concrete installation may look like an easy process, it’s best to trust skilled professionals to get the job done right. Whether it’s concrete flooring, curbs, or concrete steps, treat your concrete as an investment. From the strength it offers to its longevity, your concrete will give you back what you invest in it.

From the start, you want to ensure that your concrete is poured and leveled correctly, which will minimize costly repairs down the line and maintain the curb appeal of your property.

We focus on small pours for smaller areas such as sidewalk sections and concrete curbs, so drop us a line today to experience our exceptional concrete installation services.

Concrete Painting

Well-maintained concrete can elevate the appearance of any property, but concrete painting can help take it to the next level. A fresh coat of paint can transform almost any surface, and concrete is definitely no exception. From discoloration to wear and tear, a fresh coat of paint can easily and quickly revamp your concrete and revive the feel of your property.

Beyond appearances though, paint can also extend the life of your concrete through the prevention of any further damage. With such versatility, concrete painting can undeniably add to the look, feel, and experience of your property. Give your building a fresh feel with our building concrete painting services!

concrete painting on existing concrete
concrete stenciling of leaves on a sidewalk

Concrete Stenciling

Aside from its more practical applications, concrete can also adorn the appearance of your property. Concrete stenciling, one of the earliest applications of decorative concrete, can add designs and patterns to existing concrete.

Decorative aspects of your property boost its curb appeal, influencing positive first impressions of all those who use your property. There are also a few different methods and styles for stenciling concrete. Furthermore, concrete stenciling costs less than many other options for sprucing up your concrete.

Our team of skilled professionals are the best people for the job, so reach out today and see how our stenciling services can elevate the look and feel of your property.

Our Process

Step 1: Submit Your Request

Provide as much information as possible in your initial request. Your account executive will process the request, assign you a job ticket number in our management software, confirm the work request, and collect more information if necessary.


Step 2: Work is Scheduled

As your main line of communication throughout the repair process, your account executive will confirm the scope of work, organize an inspection of the project area, finalize details, and schedule the service with you or your designated property contact.


Step 3: Work is Completed

We then dispatch technicians, who document their work before, during, and after, to perform the necessary repairs. 


Step 4: Quality Checks and Finalization

Lastly, we check our work for quality and consistency, ensuring the project is satisfactorily completed. Upon completion, your account executive will prepare and send a detailed report, finalizing the job.

Before & After

sidewalk that is damaged
repaired concrete for a sidewalk

Here is an example of a common concrete repair, before (left) and after (right). Damaged concrete like this can lead to safety hazards, such as tripping, but may also lead to larger, more expensive repairs down the line if not taken care of promptly. We specialize in smaller repair areas, particularly curbs, sidewalks, and stairs.

Why Choose HOA Maintenance?

estimator looking at a multi-complex apartment building standing next to his truck

Fix it Right the First Time


With us, you get years of property maintenance experience, exceptional project management, dedicated account executives, and skilled tradespeople to meet your property’s unique needs. This way, you know the job will be done right the first time around.

One-Stop Shop


We are your go-to for all your Portland Metro exterior building repair needs, from brick repair, building sign repair, concrete repair, exterior caulking, exterior painting, and more. We proudly offer complete exterior building repairs to keep your building looking new.

Enjoy Peace of Mind


We deliver a complete solution to maintaining your property. HOA’s team of experts are highly experienced, fully insured, prominently trained technicians, who document their work with before and after photos. There’s no better team to fix the outside of your building

Proudly Serving Portland and Surrounding Areas

Located in Tigard, Oregon, HOA Services is proud to provide the Portland Metro area with leading exterior building repairs. We serve the following cities:


  • Clackamas
  • Gresham
  • Hillsboro
  • Lake Oswego
  • Milwaukie
  • Mt. Angel
  • Oregon City
  • Salem
  • Tigard
  • Troutdale
  • Tualatin
  • Vancouver
  • West Linn
  • & More!


    What is the purpose of regular concrete repairs and maintenance?

    Regular concrete repairs and maintenance help maximize the lifespan of your concrete. Your property is an investment, and the number of decades your concrete lasts is directly related to how well you take care of it. Properly executed repairs and regular maintenance keep your concrete in the best possible condition while preventing larger, costly problems down the road.

    What is concrete stenciling?

    Concrete stenciling is a method for adding decorative aspects to your concrete. Overlaying a stencil on existing concrete adds a fresh pattern to the durable, versatile surface of your concrete. Stenciling can add texture to concrete while maintaining a smooth, even surface.

    Can you pour new concrete over old concrete?

    Short answer: yes! You can pour new concrete over old concrete; however, any pre-existing issue with your old concrete will carry over to the newly poured concrete if not properly addressed. Things like cracks and shifts in your old concrete must be taken care of before pouring new concrete. Additionally, you must pour at least 2 inches of new concrete over the old.

    Looking for Other Repair Services?

    Beyond our Concrete Repair, Installation, Painting, and Stenciling services, we also provide reliable Rot Repair, Water Intrusion & Leak Investigations and Repairs, Exterior Building Repairs, Lighting Repairs, Parking Lot Repairs, and much more!


    Our culture and our process put us ahead of the competition, from our exceptional management systems and outstanding organizational practices to our skilled employees and steadfast belief in accountability. 


    Whether you are looking for janitorial services, repairs, or maintenance, we are the people you can trust to care for your property.



    two construction workers wearing yellow hats building
    Lightbulb replacement

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    For all your concrete needs, whether it be repairs, installation, painting, or stenciling, HOA is the dependable option. Each property is unique, which is why we employ skilled tradespeople with an eye for detail. See how our experts can help improve the experiences of all those who use your property, increase its curb appeal, and prevent any costly problems in the future.

    Whether your repair needs are small, single issues or property wide, HOA Fix-It is Portland Metro’s preferred repair service. Fix it right the first time and connect with us today!

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