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Concrete masonry services provide a highly durable method of construction, most commonly used for walls and buildings. Masonry materials, such as bricks and stone, increase the thermal mass of buildings, resist damaging projectiles, and are non-combustible, protecting your building from fire.

The materials used, as well as the strategy and workmanship significantly affect the durability and advantages provided by your masonry. Whether load-bearing or non-load-bearing, good masonry will add strength and longevity to your property.

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Concrete Masonry Services You Can Trust

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Masonry Repairs

Over time, masonry can become damaged from general wear and tear. Cracked or chipped bricks, crumbling mortar, and discoloration are all signs your masonry is in need of repair. The process of masonry wall repair includes patching and plugging gaps and cracks in the mortar, as well as removing and replacing old mortar or bricks that have lost their structural integrity. Our masonry repair services also include covering patching and repairing damaged stones.

Masonry Restoration

Masonry in need of repair may only take up a small portion of your property’s masonry. However, when all of your property’s masonry needs repair or revamping, masonry restoration is the answer to your problems. Regular maintenance and repairs can extend the life of your masonry, but there always comes a time that it needs something more. Done correctly, masonry restoration can preserve your building for decades to come. Whether you are looking for a commercial or residential restoration, our team of experts is ready to get the job done right.

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You Can Count On HOA

Our people are at the heart of our success. With deep roots in the PNW property services community, our team is focused on caring for your property, rain or shine. Our consistency and determination shape our service policy as we work to meet your property’s unique needs.

Focusing on maintaining your property as a whole, we deliver scalable services that fit every budget. Connect with us today to see how we keep quality masonry repair costs affordable.


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Our process is designed with you in mind. We cater to busy commercial property managers, multi-family residential property and portfolio managers, regional portfolio managers, and of course, homeowner’s association board members and community managers. When you partner with us, the repair process will follow this flow:

  1. Submit Your Request
  2. Receive Your Job Ticket
  3. Work is Scheduled
  4. Technicians are Dispatched and Complete the Work
  5. Quality Checks and Finalization


Before & After

Take a look at a few masonry projects recently completed by our skilled team.

apartment building with cracked wall
HOA maintenance did a masonry repair for a building in portland
before masonry repair
after masonry repair

Proudly Serving the Portland Metro Area

Honored to serve the greater Portland Metro and Vancouver areas, our team dispatches out of Tigard, Oregon. From Cornelius to Troutdale, Wilsonville to Vancouver, and everywhere in between our team has all your masonry needs covered. Connect with us today for premier Oregon masonry repairs and restoration.


How do you repair a masonry wall?

To repair masonry cracks, first we remove the old mortar. Then, we clean away debris and wet the masonry wall. The next step is to mix the mortar and then add the new mortar to the damp wall. If any bricks or stones are cracked, they are removed and replaced. Finally, we brush off the wall and finish the project.

Is cracked mortar a problem?

Cracked mortar does not necessarily mean you have a foundational problem. Some cracks appear over time from shifting and expansion, but foundational cracks are problems because they endanger the structural integrity of your building. If you notice cracks in your masonry foundation, reach out and schedule a repair as soon as possible.


What types of mortars do you use?

There four main types of mortar mix are N, O, S, and M. Each is mixed with a different ratio of cement, lime, and sand, which affects characteristics such as compressive strength, flexibility, and bonding. The best type of mortar to use depends on its application in the project.

What if I'm not sure I need masonry services? Can you take a look and let me know?

Absolutely. Masonry covers a wide range of services, from brick restoration to masonry caulking. Our team is here to help you decide what’s best for your property. Reach out today and our team can discuss your masonry needs and schedule a survey of your property if needed.

Looking for Other Repair Services?

In addition to our masonry contractors and services, we are proud to offer fence and gate installation and repair services, welding services, concrete repairs, water intrusion and leak Investigation services, electrical and lighting repairs; as well as many others!

From our expert technicians to our exceptional management software, our resources and dedication make HOA Fix-It the best choice for all maintenance and repair services in the PNW.

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As the dependable choice for all your masonry needs, we appreciate the uniqueness of each project and property. 

Whether you need a small masonry repair or a large restoration, fix it right the first time and drop us a line today!


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