Roof & Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance

Roof and Gutter maintenance can be a pain for many. Seasonal wear and tear can cause gutters to fall apart, fill up, and become unstable. Luckily, our gutter maintenance services offer everything from regular cleaning to routine repairs.

With our team of trained professionals available for any job, big or small. Removing debris and resolving leaf clogs is important to extend the life of your gutters. Thorough and efficient gutter cleaning and repairs keep your gutter systems working well in order to proactively minimize larger issues, such as gutter damage, water intrusion, structural damage, and rot.

Our gutter cleaning process is thorough, starting with a comprehensive cleaning of the roof, followed by a clearing of the gutters by hand to clear a channel for water flow. Finally, we jet the downspouts, to clear any blockages and ensure proper water flow providing a complete cleaning of your gutter system from top to bottom.

While we’re on the job, we’re prepared for any issues that might arrive. Each of our teams is prepared with the equipment and tools needed to jet rain leaders, repair minor issues, gutter spikes and roof sealant, and professional treatment for excessive moss accumulation. We’ll also snap photos of any larger problems we spot onsite so we can notify the property manager immediately. Oftentimes, we’re able to remedy the issue, saving our customers the time and money of additional appointments.

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Client testimonial

They were so professional and great at everything they did for us, they can cover a wide range of expertise and have all the equipment to get any job done. I can’t say enough on how well they treated me while getting the jobs done, I have used a lot of company’s that only offered half of what HOA offers and the work the other companies did was cheap and they cut corners to save money and the treatment was not the best. I can’t say enough about HOA and I will support them and there work to anyone that asks. I think more people need to see all the great things I saw and now how great everything looks and also the other problems they pointed out for us that helped save areas of our home.

-Jordan Tye