Why You Should Consider Professional Fence & Gate Repair

Why You Should Consider Professional Fence & Gate Repair

Is your community’s fencing looking a little worn down these days? From sagging gates to broken boards, maintaining your property’s fences and gates is no small task. But deferring repairs can lead to plummeting curb appeal and safety issues. Read on to learn why you should take care of fence and gate repairs ASAP.

Why you should consider professional fence & gate repair services

1. Expertise in assessment and repairs

With years of specialized experience, professional fencing contractors have the skills to thoroughly assess defective fences and faulty gates, and spot issues caretakers may overlook. Their expertise enables them to adequately address common problems like:

  • Warping or rotten wooden posts, pickets, and rails
  • Rusted, bent, or broken metal fence components
  • Sagging or detached gates
  • Fence sections damaged by severe weather

2. Efficiency that saves time and money

HOA Services gets the job done right the first time because we use the right tools, materials, and skilled workers to fix structural or safety problems. Ultimately, this saves communities time and money on repeated attempts to restore operational efficiency.

3. Quality materials and workmanship

Professional installations and repairs outlast amateur replacements and DIY efforts. Plus, our team is well-versed in codes and we use durable, weather-resistant components that stand the test of time.

4. Convenience of full-service provision

No need to coordinate multiple maintenance contractors with separate providers and disjointed services when a one-stop-shop solution exists. Community managers rely on HOA Services’ premier property care to handle every aspect in-house, from assessments and materials to installation, repairs and cleanup.

5. Proactive maintenance plans

Vulnerable warped gates and missing pickets unnecessarily raise the property care costs for managers, and sometimes even residents. To avoid escalating expenses, staying on top of potential maintenance issues early on ensures that appropriate preventive measures are taken at the first sign of deterioration.

6. Enhanced safety, security, and curb appeal

Restricting access points and fortifying property edges is the best way to ensure parcels remain free from external threats. Whether to slow down burglars or protect delicate landscaping, sturdy fences, and secure gates can be powerful deterrents and an inviting entry point for visitors.

7. Peace of mind

Partnering with reputable fencing pros gives property managers peace of mind knowing repairs are done correctly. You can rely on HOA Services’ trained technicians to complete complicated fence installations and gate upgrades while documenting their work with before and after photos.

Common fencing/gate repairs for HOAs

Fence repairs

  • Replacing broken or rotten wooden pickets
  • Mending detached posts or post caps
  • Straightening/reinforcing posts to correct sagging
  • Patching holes in metal fencing
  • Sealing/staining wood fences to protect them from weathering
  • Clearing vegetation growing on/near fences
  • Resetting posts in concrete footing if unstable
  • Cleaning and repairing vinyl fences

Gate repairs

  • Welding loose or broken metal joints
  • Rehanging detached gates and adjusting hardware
  • Lubricating/tightening gate hinges and latches
  • Realigning and supporting gate posts to remove sag
  • Securing locking mechanisms and repairing access control systems for automatic gates
  • Installing new gate closures like self-closing hinges or springs if needed
  • Installing or replacing hinges, springs and locks

Other Repairs

  • Raising fence height if it doesn’t meet HOA guidelines
  • Replacing deteriorated concrete or stone fence footings
  • Adding protective barriers at fence bases to block digging pests
  • Grading and filling gaps under fence lines that allow trespassing
  • Clearing brush, trees, or debris on fence perimeter to restore visibility

Repairing fences and gates requires coordination, equipment, and skills beyond the scope of most homeowners. As a result, finding and retaining the right community-based fencing contractor is a crucial step in maximizing the benefits of maintaining a fenced and gated community. Secure your perimeter with HOA Services’ fence & gate repair today!


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