Why Parking Garage Cleaning Requires Specialized Services

Why Parking Garage Cleaning Requires Specialized Services

When multiple tenants share a parking garage space, things can get messy. Trash, mud, oil– the list goes on and on. All of this foulness is bad for parking lot safety and the image of the property. 

Risks of not cleaning a parking garage

dirty parking lot with lots of trash

Multi-tenant properties see heavy wear and tear from parking shared by different groups of people. With tens to hundreds of residents, visitors, or business owners passing through each week,  it’s no surprise that car parks quickly become dirty. Neglecting to create an effective parking garage cleaning schedule can quickly lead to many problems.

1. Safety hazards

Chipped paint, oil, and residue from other vehicles lead to a dangerous environment. But slippery surfaces or unfixed objects aren’t the only potential safety hazards that go hand in hand with a dingy parking garage. Key dangers include:

  • Potholes damage cars and cause accidents
  • Debris hides broken machinery and pests
  • Poor lighting reduces visibility
  • Faded signs confuse drivers
  • Unclean parking attracts vandals

2. Health hazards

When everything is broken down and dirty, contaminants accumulate, and bacteria spread. From a health perspective, neglectful maintenance in combination with moisture buildup can lead to:

  • Mold and mildew growth that triggers allergies and asthma
  • Dust that irritates the lungs

3. Structural damage

A variety of factors can cause damage to parking structures when they are not regularly cared for, namely:

  • Salt (chlorides)
  • Water seepage
  • Sand abrasion 
  • Plant roots
  • Decomposing oil and grease
  • Dirt and grime

4. Slip and fall accidents

Besides potentially causing failures and deterioration, neglected parking garages are a serious slip-and-fall hazard. Cement, asphalt, and other surfaces can be extremely slippery when they accumulate oil and grime.

5. Financial and legal consequences

Building owners’ wallets can take a big hit because of damage and unsafe conditions. In addition to increased repair costs, landlords and property managers risk:

  • Lawsuits from injuries
  • Non-compliance fines from regulatory agencies
  • Property value depreciation

What makes parking garage cleaning unique?

apartment complex with a clean and well maintained parking lot

As with any building or facility, soiled sections, cloudy windows, and mildewed walls are enough to call in a professional cleaning crew. In any case, parking garages inherently pose more challenges to a property management team than conventional buildings. Here are some considerations that set the upkeep of vehicle-oriented spaces apart from other property maintenance projects:

1. Diverse contaminants

A broad mix of spills, stains, and odors confront parking garage cleaning specialists. Everything left behind on a parking lot contains the potential for unpleasantness or harmful pollutants, from motor oil to paint overspray to food spills to chewing gum and body fluids. Specialized cleaning equipment and techniques are needed to properly remove each unique substance.

2. High traffic

Unlike single-user offices, businesses, and residences, parking garages experience much more frequent use than most environments. The constant inflow of cars and trucks increases the risk of ruts, tire marks, scratches, and other damages to the garage floor. Frequent heavy-duty pressure washing and scrubbing is the only way to keep up.

3. Winter weather

In cold climates, auto facilities must contend with salt, ice-melt chemicals, and snow that can discolor, corrode, crack, and spall concrete. Delay to clear all these from the surface, and you’ll start to see how easy it is to erode sealants and coatings on a cold and damp garage floor. Prompt de-icing and snow removal efforts are a must!

4. Structural complexity

Ramps, columns, stairs, tight configurations, overhead lighting fixtures, and ventilation systems significantly complicate the tasks of parking garage cleaning. The challenges of reaching far-off corners and difficult-to-access nooks and crannies are plenty, but the lack of general access is another challenge that must be overcome to expunge stubborn grime.

5. Vandalism 

While broken or missing windows, scratched paint, and defaced parking signs are common in parking garages, so is basic littering. Vandalized spaces may also become hazardous due to broken glass, loose objects, or debris. It’s not unheard of for parking walls to be tagged with graffiti and floors sometimes scuffed by skateboards or balls. Careful attention to not  damage building surfaces is necessary to erase all evidence of poor conduct.

6. Environmental impact

In communities that follow pollution prevention laws, cleaning up after careless drivers is a daily necessity. The ecological effect of petroleum-based coatings, lubricants, and hydraulic fluids washing into storm drains and waterways detracts from the value of parking structures. Environmentally friendly products and techniques are a must to stay in compliance.

Benefits of regular professional cleaning of garages

Consistent, high-quality professional parking garage cleaning provides multifaceted benefits:

  • Improved safety and aesthetics – Clean floors and surfaces prevent hazards and create a pleasant environment with preserved paint and coatings.
  • Removal of contaminants – From oils to deicers, routine cleaning stops harmful buildup before it damages concrete.
  • Mold and pest control – Regular upkeep inhibits mold growth and deters pests like insects, rodents, and snakes.
  • Extended lifespan – By preventing deterioration, professional cleaning makes parking garages last longer.
  • Early problem detection – With frequent service, any emerging structural issues can be spotted early.
  • Proper lighting and drainage – Consistent maintenance keeps lights, windows, and drains clear and functional.

Garage cleaning you can count on for demanding conditions

Multi-tenant parking garages require specialized cleaning to stay safe and well-maintained for tenants and visitors. HOA Services offers cost-effective, environmentally responsible cleaning plans tailored to meet the heavy use and unique needs of retail, office, and residential parking structures in Oregon. Contact us today to extend the lifespan of your parking garage.

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