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What is the Maintenance Shield Program?

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Take the guesswork out of property maintenance and extend the life of your building with a completely customized maintenance schedule! Our Maintenance Shield Program was designed to provide multi-unit properties with a comprehensive summary of their property’s needs, giving you valuable insight into areas of your property that might need a little extra attention.

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Based on the unique needs of your property, we create proposals for community managers, HOA board members, property managers, portfolio managers, etc. with details about the services that are recommended for your property, including routine janitorial services, maintenance services, and on-demand repair services. We handle everything for you, which means that you don’t have to deal with multiple vendors, and our talented team is here for you every step of the way, from scheduling to the day-of service.

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Routine service recommendations are suggested on a set frequency. The frequency depends on the materials used, guidelines from the manufacturer, and the unique features of your property. These routine property services help prevent extensive repairs by catching issues early and alerting you to the problem– saving you money and a headache down the line. When damage is found, our repairs division will provide building repair estimates for both property-wide and per-unit repairs. 

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From comprehensive services to informative reporting, we are your reliable choice for comprehensive property maintenance. We are here to partner with you in caring for your investment, so our process truly begins with getting to know you and your property. Our motto is “Eyes Up,” which means our team always keeps a sharp eye out for potential issues or things flying under the radar. One of our experts will walk through all areas of your property with a sharp eye. They document the condition of buildings, common areas, and grounds while also documenting the unique features of your property. This way we can provide you with your unique, comprehensive property maintenance plan.

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Some of the most common services we provide throughout the Pacific Northwest are:

Building Siding Cleaning                                                                   

To clean your building siding surfaces we use soft washing techniques or building pressure washing depending on your siding material.

Dryer Vent Cleaning                                                                         

We clean dryer vents from the exterior of your building and utilize a compressed air system that ensures debris is safely removed.

Deck and Stair Washing                                                                 

Keep your property’s wooden decks, stairs, and pathways clean and safe. Professional pressure washing deck service can help prevent slippery areas.

Roof / Gutter / Downspout Cleaning                                         

Spring foliage, needles, and debris can build up on roofs and in gutters, which can cause water damage if not maintained seasonally.

Pressure Washing                                                                         

Keep your property’s walkways, stairwells, patios, and pathways clean and safe using pressure washing techniques. Trust the professionals to get the job done efficiently.

Rot Repair                                                                               

Exposure to the elements over time can result in wood rot. We repair structural and non-structural wood siding, decks, and trim when it’s time for rot repair.

Lighting Repairs                                                                               

We repair and install all types of lights and fixtures. Our industrial bucket lift truck makes quick work of streetlamp and other above-ground lighting fixture repairs.

Commercial Porter Service                                                           

High traffic areas need habitual monitoring and upkeep to remain sanitary. We’ve got you covered. 

From season to season, and year to year, HOA Services remains the consistent leader for property services in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Our customers love our full-service approach and attention to quality services. Get in touch with us today to find out more about how a partnership with HOA Services can benefit you and your property!

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