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Unlock Peace of Mind: Master Property Management with Maintenance Shield

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Nothing challenges property management operations quite like the unrelenting cold and winter storms. From frozen pipes to snow-covered sidewalks, harsh weather conditions burden multi-unit facilities with unique challenges. Property managers can attack seasonal problems proactively by utilizing professional property care services for customized winterization and maintenance services.


Challenges Posed by Winter


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When it comes to multi-unit properties, winter brings a unique set of trials. Structural integrity and energy efficiency become more critical when temperatures drop. Sealing cracks and ensuring proper insulation safeguards the property. Frigid temperatures, heavy snowfall, and icy conditions often complicate basic landscaping and exterior maintenance. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common winter property care challenges:

  • Snow and ice strain on roof
  • Gutter drainage blocked by ice dams
  • Cracked caulking
  • Frozen piping
  • Increased fall risks and safety hazards

Ideal Time to Start the Winterization Process in the Pacific Northwest


For most regions in the Pacific Northwest, it is ideal to begin the winterization process in early fall. Late September to early October is the prime time, as overnight temperatures really start to dip around then. However, if your property is at a very high elevation or in an area that gets more extreme winters, you should get a head start as early as mid-September.


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Benefits of Winterizing Multi-Unit Properties and Facilities


1. Safety

Professional companies use the best industry practices to thoroughly inspect properties and identify vulnerabilities or hazards. They can address issues like poor stairwell lighting, slippery walkways, low-hanging tree branches, etc. With winterization experts routinely checking and servicing facilities, residents, tenants, visitors, and staff can trust they are well protected.

2. Reduced liability 

Proactive maintenance and repairs significantly lower risks when it comes to injuries or property damage. If someone slips and falls on an icy, unshoveled walkway that leads to a lawsuit, property managers are much more liable than if they used a routine winterization plan carried out by professionals.

3. Improved curb appeal 

Winter can really take a toll on the property’s exterior. Peeling paint, damaged siding, piles of ice and snow, as well as other eyesores reflect poorly. Property care adds extra diligence to keep up appearances even in the harshest weather.

4. Preventative maintenance 

A trained eye spots minor issues before they balloon into major repairs. For example, trained technicians may notice a small roof leak, deteriorated weather stripping, or other weather problems that many property managers could miss. Proactively addressing these issues can help reduce repair costs down the road.

5. Timeliness 

With seasoned servicing consultants on contract, residential communities get prompt emergency response and resolution year-round. Instead of struggling to find available snow removal or repair contractors mid-storm, dedicated personnel are ready to be dispatched immediately. 

6. Cost savings 

While preventive maintenance does require an upfront investment, it pays off exponentially when big emergency repair bills are avoided. Preventing damages from burst pipes, ice dams, and frozen heating systems is much more affordable than reacting after the fact.

7. Customization 

Every property has unique needs and challenges. Our skilled team can develop a customized winterization plan for your property. Then, inclement weather services can be tailored specifically to factors like the building size, layout, materials, drainage, landscaping, and other more.

8. Peace of mind 

Outsourcing seasonal maintenance is one less thing for building caretakers to stress over! Let the experts handle the planning and work so you can focus on core operations.

9. Compliance 

Winter and inclement weather restoration partners keep up to date with all local regulations and ensure structures and premises meet codes for snow/ice management, hazard protection, etc. This protects property managers and owners from fines or violations.


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Our Services


We offer both routine and on-demand building winterization services to help our partners get ready for the winter months. Our customers rely on us to restock winter supplies, inspect property lighting, make repairs to minor siding issues, help prevent frozen pipes, and weatherize doorways and windows. 

Ice Melt Inventory Restock

Some properties reduce slip & falls during the winter months by providing ice melt for property tenants and residents to self-service spread. We can stock your ice melt ahead of the season and even distribute buckets of ice melt for use in your common areas.

Prevent Frozen Pipes

Prepare for the cold weather with our frozen pipe prevention service. Our technicians will inspect your building for exterior and uninsulated common areas with exposed pipes, spigots, and fixtures. We locate and insulate or cover all exposed areas of concern.


Weatherizing Windows & Doorways


Weatherizing windows and doorways can help reduce energy bills, keep out drafts, and minimize moisture intrusion. Our experts inspect windows and doorways and install weather stripping or temporary winter window coverings when needed.



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Roof & Gutter Inspection

We inspect and document your roof’s condition and make recommendations to minimize leaks through the winter months. Inspections include seams in roofing materials, gutter conditions, seals around chimneys and vents. At the time of inspection, we can also clean the roof and apply sealant or make minor repairs to shore up your roof’s integrity.

If more extensive roofing repairs are needed, our repair pros will provide an estimate for immediate or future repair.


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Building Siding Inspection


We inspect your building exterior and document the condition of your building siding, paying careful attention to windows and other areas where leaks are commonly found. We alert you to any gaps, wood rot, or leaks we find in your building envelope or any other issues with your siding.

If signs of water infiltration are found, our technicians can provide patching or temporary repairs until weather allows for full repair.



Lighting Inspection & Bulb Replacement


Our pros follow a map of your property to locate each fixture or pole light to ensure it is functioning. During the inspection, we replace bulbs, photocells, set timers, and take note of any issues we find.

If we find any lighting repairs are needed, an estimate is provided. Our lighting repair crews make minor lighting repairs, replace fixtures, and install new fixtures as well.


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Keep an Eye Out for Problems


Envision the beautiful blanket of snow covering the ground. Even the prettiest scenes can conceal troublesome issues, excessive snowfall and frigid temperatures put properties at risk. In addition to pre-winter servicing, it is important to monitor for developing issues during the winter months:

  • Drafts
  • Frost heaves
  • Slip hazards
  • Heating systems
  • Sewer backups
  • Roof leaks
  • Frozen pipes
  • Paint damage
  • Mold and mildew
  • Clogged drains


Start planning Now for a Smooth Winter


At the first sign of summer’s end, begin planning snow and ice management with a trusted multi-unit property care service. HOA Services is an established service provider that customizes a winter maintenance plan for the building and facility managers so they can rest easy knowing their property is prepared to withstand whatever winter throws its way. Contact us to discuss solutions that enhance safety, reduce costs, and deliver peace of mind all winter long.


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