How Our Maintenance Shield Program Saves You Repair Costs

As a property manager, keeping up with maintenance can be a constant struggle. What if there was a comprehensive program tailored to your building’s specific maintenance needs? Our company offers a custom maintenance solution designed just for multifamily communities. Let us introduce you to the Maintenance Shield Program and how it transforms the upkeep of your property.

Overview of the

Maintenance Shield Program

Our Maintenance Shield Program provides an upkeep plan tailored to your property’s care and service needs. With over 20 years of experience crafting unique, comprehensive solutions, our experts know how to maximize value for residential communities and facilities of all sizes. Partnering with us on this process brings expertise, customization, and proactive strategy to your building for long-term success. Here’s an overview of how it works:

  • Comprehensive consultation and walkthrough – We’ll tour your entire property, community complex, commercial space, and grounds, inside and out, to get a complete picture of all your maintenance needs. This allows us to note material types, measurements, condition issues, etc.
  • Develop a custom plan – Using the walkthrough findings, we put together a property maintenance plan outlining recommended services, frequencies, and timeframes that fit your property’s specific requirements.
  • Range of services covered – The plan can include roof/gutter cleaning, pressure washing, janitorial services, lighting maintenance, dryer vent cleaning, repairs, and more. We’ve got you covered!
  • Detailed reporting – You receive a comprehensive summary report of all recommendations so you know exactly what is suggested for your property. Further repair estimates are provided upon request.
  • Single provider benefits – By using our company as your sole provider, you enjoy having one point of contact, continuity, and simplicity compared to juggling multiple vendors.

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The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

Routine preventative maintenance is crucial for any HOA property. Don’t wait until it’s too late! Here are some key reasons why it’s wise to take a proactive approach:

  • Saves money over costly repairs down the road
  • Catches problems like leaks or pests before damage worsens
  • Follows manufacturer recommendations, material guidelines, and techniques
  • Maintains great curb appeal

The Comprehensive

Maintenance Shield Approach

Our maintenance program takes a comprehensive approach to caring for your HOA property. Here’s what you get:

Coverage for all areas 

We assess both interior and exterior maintenance needs to cover all bases. No stone is left unturned! Whether it’s the building exteriors, common areas, or individual units, our team examines it all. During our thorough property walkthrough, we identify any potential issues inside each unit as well as outside on the grounds. Things like appliance function, paint condition, and fixture repairs may be noted.

Custom-tailored to your property 

Each plan is unique to your property, accounting for size, amenities, materials, regional factors, and your feedback. We want to understand what makes your property unique. The age of buildings, type of landscaping, management priorities, and resident needs all play a role. Your feedback during consultations ensures the program addresses your top concerns and problem areas.


Both routine scheduled services, as well as on-demand repairs, can be provided as needed. Our comprehensive program has the flexibility to address gutter cleaning, janitorial visits, inspections, etc., which follow a regular calendar that you can plan around. And at the same time, attend to issues discovered during routine maintenance or emergencies requiring immediate attention.

Single point of contact 

Having a single partner to manage the maintenance program minimizes hassles compared to juggling multiple vendors. Our team oversees the entire program, so you don’t have to coordinate various providers, schedules, and responsibilities. With one point of contact, you can easily reach us for any reason – to request a service, ask a question, address concerns, etc.

Proactive communication 

We emphasize transparent, proactive communication every step of the way, from scheduling to service reminders. Appointments are scheduled in advance, and we send friendly reminders about upcoming routine services to eliminate surprises and guesswork. Confirmations are provided after each visit with details about issues identified, tasks completed, and any recommendations.

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Incorporating your Property Reserve Study

If your property has a reserve study, our maintenance program can incorporate it to maximize usefulness. Our expertise, combined with your long-term capital planning analysis, results in an ideal long-term roadmap for protecting your property:

  • Reference reserve study findings – We use your report data to understand repair timelines, life expectancies, and funding needs.
  • Align maintenance with projections – The maintenance plan can sync with reserve study forecasts to optimize upkeep.
  • Ensure funds are used effectively – With a maintenance partner, reserve funds go towards intended projects rather than unexpected repairs.
  • Update projections regularly – As we care for your property, we’ll provide updated recommendations to keep reserve projections accurate.
  • Stretch reserve dollars – Catching maintenance issues quickly lowers repair costs, helping reserves last longer.

Getting Started with HOA Service’s Maintenance Shield Program

Ready to get started with a customized maintenance plan for your property? Our company proudly serves multi-family units and commercial properties throughout the Portland metropolitan area, including Hillsboro, Wilsonville, Aloha, Lake Oswego, Clackamas, and Happy Valley. Here is an overview of how to get the ball rolling with our Maintenance Shield Program:

  • Schedule a consultation 
  • Plan a property walkthrough to inspect all building areas
  • Review findings on problem areas or concerns together
  • Build a custom maintenance plan
  • Finalize details to ensure they fit your budget and priorities
  • Ongoing service & communication for scheduled repairs

Let’s team up to create a stress-free, proactive maintenance program that transforms your HOA property. Contact us today to get started!

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