5 Benefits of Hiring a Handyman for Building Maintenance

As a property manager, you know how quickly small issues like leaks can spiral if left unchecked. Juggling contractor calls and appointments while overseeing your property can feel overwhelming. While each building has its own needs, one solution rises above the rest when it comes to tackling the inevitable repairs and required upkeep– hiring professional handyman services.


Typical services handymen offer

When it comes to property maintenance, handymen are known for their practical skills, adaptability, and ability to complete a variety of tasks efficiently. From basic installations to major repairs, they can handle a diverse range of jobs. Some of the most common services offered by commercial handymen include:

  • Installations – Handyman installation crews can install anything from lighting fixtures to appliances to cabinets and shelving. Their expertise allows seamless integration of new elements into the property.
  • Maintenance – Regular maintenance, like inspecting systems, sealing windows, or checking smoke detectors, falls squarely within a handyman’s wheelhouse. Preventive upkeep is key for longevity.
  • Attic decontamination – Attics easily become breeding grounds for pests, bacteria, mold, and mildew. Decontamination technicians have the proper protective gear and methods to avoid health hazards, clean up attics, and prevent regrowth.
  • Repairs – From fixing leaky pipes to replacing broken glass, handymen specialize in making all kinds of repairs quickly and efficiently. This keeps small issues from turning into big headaches.


Booking Handyman Services

handyman on a ladder fixing a fence for a multi-property building

Unlike hiring contractors for major renovation projects, booking a handyman professional is surprisingly simple. Most service providers market themselves as being readily available whenever you need them. Instead of scheduling weeks in advance, you can often make an on-demand request and have a handyman dispatched within a day or two.

This on-call availability means you don’t have to let maintenance issues linger or scramble to fix them with your employees. A handyman can squeeze you in and immediately resolve nagging problems as quickly as they pop up. It’s the ultimate convenience for busy property managers, especially if they oversee multiple buildings.


Common property issues handled by handyman services

attic remediation

Minor issues left unresolved can spiral into major headaches if not handled promptly. Handymen have the versatile expertise to nip all kinds of problems in the bud. Some of the most common issues they can quickly and effectively remedy include:

  • Damaged shingles
  • Fading paint
  • Stained siding
  • Discolored floors
  • Worn weatherstripping around doors
  • Cracked window panes
  • Clogged gutters
  • Leaky faucets
  • Dings and dents in drywall
  • Slow-flowing or backed-up drains


Benefits of hiring commercial handyman services

handyman doing some work on a building

Tapping into handyman expertise provides property managers with a slew of benefits. Beyond a broad range of solutions and easy accessibility, partnering with commercial handymen offers several other advantages:

1. Time and cost efficiency

Instead of property management staff taking hours or days to tackle repairs, on-demand handyman services can solve problems faster. Their expertise also yields more affordable remedies. Diagnosing and fixing building problems rapidly minimizes downtime and lost revenue.

2. Versatility

Handymen are cross-trained to handle diverse jobs, from plumbing to carpentry. With expertise spanning a wide range of services, there’s no need to contract specialized tradespeople for different projects. Such versatility eliminates the need to hire multiple specialists.

3. Preventative maintenance

Regular handyman visits allow proactive inspection and servicing to prevent bigger issues down the road. Preemptive care saves money, but that’s not all. While preemptive repairs help avoid costly damages, identifying potential problems early on helps avert emergencies before they happen.

4. Reduced downtime

Quick response times and efficient repairs limit the impact of deterioration on daily operations. This means buildings stay fully functional. Minimizing the time a residential or business area remains inactive maintains functionality, ensuring customer or tenant satisfaction and revenue streams remain consistent. 

5. Professional expertise

Handymen undergo training and accumulate years of practical knowledge. They adhere to safety codes and top industry practices, ensuring that all their work is carried out to the highest standards of quality and workmanship. Whether it’s fixing a leaky faucet, installing electrical fixtures, or tackling renovation projects, handymen instill confidence that jobs will be done right the first time by bringing a wealth of experience to the table.


Tips for getting the most out of handyman experience

hoa fixit handyman carrying a cone and walking to the truck

To ensure you have a positive experience and get lasting results from handyman services, keep these tips in mind: 

  • Provide a clear and detailed description of the problem
  • Communicate early with the handyman to increase your chances of a quick fix
  • Keep an open mind when receiving recommendations
  • Ask for an estimate or range for anticipated costs
  • Discuss timelines so you can schedule accordingly
  • Give feedback if you feel improvements should be made


Don’t stress it, we’ll address it!

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