Choosing a pressure washing company here in the Northwest can be daunting, especially when you are selecting a vendor for an entire community/property. There are a lot of questions residents and managers are considering. How much will it cost? How long will it take? When is the best time to schedule? What do the residents need to do to prepare?

maintenance - Choosing a Pressure Washing CompanyFIRST STEP: What pressure washing services do you need?

Get started by identifying the areas that need to be cleaned on your property. There are a lot of areas that need pressure washing to keep them in good condition, such as driveways, walkways, steps, patios, retaining walls, other flatwork and exposed aggregate areas, fences, decks, and siding. Most surfaces that you can see grime, moss, or algae accumulating on need regular pressure wash cleaning. You can walk around the property and use google maps to identify areas. Sometimes it’s required to send a trained technician to identify areas and take measurements, which gives you an even clearer picture of your needs. Our goal is to be prepared for any conditions and identify potential problem areas.

For example:

  • Do residents need any notice to move their belongings off of their deck?
  • Do cars need to be moved?
  • Is the paint peeling off of the siding?

The other thing to look for is other services the property needs now or in the near future. It is always more cost effective to bundle services together. Some typical bundled services are Dryer Vent Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Moss Control.

Is HOA Services the right service provider/pressure washing company for me?

There are quality standards any Professional Pressure Washing Company should have. HOA Services takes pride in, not only meeting but, exceeding these standards.

Professional Equipment

We provide our services using a customized set-up featuring Landa Industrial Cleaning Equipment. We’ve used Landa’s high-quality rugged equipment to build our custom set-ups that include both hot and cold water tanks, surface cleaners, wands, and detergents. This means our Technicians are prepared with professional grade equipment for a variety of different services. Giving them the ability to adapt during the process of the pressure washing service.

pressurewashingcompany - Choosing a Pressure Washing CompanyExpertise

It takes experience and expertise like ours to know how to take the best care of your property. When performing a pressure washing service we plan and prepare for your specific needs which can include specialty manufacturer detergents and hands-scrub and rinse methods with so many different surfaces and materials that a home or a community can be made up. We plan access to the service areas and help you plan when to notify residents to remove their cars or belongings, and we come prepared to reach every area.


Our Pressure Washing Technicians participate in on-going technical training about our equipment and methods. But something that really sets our service apart is the leadership and quality management program our Technicians participate in. They actively train in these procedures that include things like pre-service site walks, identifying and photo documenting problems or abnormal conditions, job efficiency, and quality checks. They are in active communication with your Account Executive to make sure you get the highest quality service. We take care of our clients’ properties in multiple ways year-round, so our Technicians are on the look-out for anything they can do while they are there for the pressure washing (refasten, secure, repair, clean, etc etc)

Insurance Coverage

By being fully licensed and bonded at the Commercial Contractor level established by Oregon and Washington state, we’ll likely have more coverage than your average pressure washing company.


Residential general contractor: $20,000

Commercial General Contractor Level 1: $75,000


Residential General Contractor: $500,000 per occurrence

Commercial General Contractor, Level 1:   $2,000,000 aggregate

All Things Considered

pressurewashing - Choosing a Pressure Washing CompanyA less experienced or prepared company can end up costing a lot more money than your original quote. If issues arise, mistakes are made, or the needed quality isn’t delivered you’ll end up paying more to have this corrected. HOA Services is an expert in the field. We invest resources in our staff and equipment and keep up direct and detailed communication about the job at your property.

Our goal is to go above and beyond what any other company provides as well as giving a warranty on the quality of the results. We’ll even correct any errors or missed areas free of charge.

We plan to see our customers on a regular basis and provide a variety of frequent services, so we strive to instill confidence in the quality of our service.

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